Container – 10th Ann. Edition 5p Play-through, Teaching, & Roundtable discussion by Heavy Cardboard


Are you interested in learning how to play the new edition of Container? Here is your chance! Edward, from Heavy Cardboard, teaches you how to play in this video.

Later, he is joined by Matt, Tony, “Banker” Dave & Jerry for a full-game play-through. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

0:39 Intro
3:03 Game overview
5:12 Teach (base game)
20:20 Teach – Investment bank (expansion)
28:11 Game start
45:44 Auction
51:42 Auction
59:33 Auction
1:13:06 Auction
1:18:57 Auction
1:21:36 Auction
1:32:37 Auction
1:50:06 Auction
1:56:33 Auction
2:01:13 Auction
2:08:30 Auction
2:09:56 Auction
2:15:47 Auction
2:23:08 Auction
2:24:44 Auction
2:30:08 Game end triggered
2:30:57 Final scoring
2:35:47 And the winner is…
2:36:07 Roundtable
2:48:06 Comparision between the First Edition and the 10th Anniversary Edition
2:53:01 Outro

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