Cry Plays: Desert Nightmare [P1]


This. This game. I fucking like this game. This is how a horror RPG should be. It has a good story, a proper build up, character development, well-executed scares, atmosphere… this game is just going to be a fun time all around.

This is the kind of thing I look for in a horror RPG. Something that can utilize all of these things. Only 45 minutes in and I have to say, it has done that. Good times are abound.

NOTE: I spent about 2 hours editing this after it was done because of copyright issues with the game’s audio choices. I am not 100% positive it’s in the clear yet, but I THINK there won’t be anymore problems (the copyright bit blocked the video entirely in Germany, that’s just mean to the German viewers, man). So because of this, the game’s audio is going to be a bit lower than normal – I apologize for the inconvenience.

Music by Vinter in Hollywood – Jacks Daniel


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