Curse of Mermaids | Mermaid Tales [Ep.2]


Welcome to the world of mermaids and humans… an alter-universe twist on the MyStreet cast!

★ Aphmau – Jess
★ Aaron – Jason:

★ Garroth – TheDragonHat:

★ Katelyn – Lizzy:

★ Teony – Kimberley Campbell:

★ Eric – Kestin:

★ Kawaii Chan – Moeka:

★ Amber – Michelle Marie :

★ Ivan – Cole:

★ Ivan – Kellen:

★ Travis – Pat:


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  1. I realize that there is a mistake in this video but I’m not trying to be mean but when she said that there was no more seaweed then before we saw garoth (sorry I don’t know how to spell his name) aphmau went with the sea bunny’s and I saw sea weed around her. (Sorry If I sound rude but I love your videos!)

  2. *aaron goes into the tavern and talks to the bartender*.
    Me: logan? logan? Logan? Logan? Logan? LOGAN? LOGAN? LOGAN? LOGAN!?
    Logan: By the way. Tell the fisherman Logan sends his regards.

  3. What I really like about this series is the fact that there's some MCD characters in this apart from the main cast, like Logan and Amber

  4. Wait a sec werent aphmau and katelyn technically gonna become step sisters in my street since aphmau's mom and katelyn's dad were mmmmmmm…. you know what i mean

  5. Aphmau: Really!?!? Someone who can help me!!!?? Take me to them! I'll take any help I can get!
    Me: Oh god. I've seen the little mermaid! I bet its gonna be a seawitch. the "help" is not really going to be help.

  6. In episode one she’s like mr. whale wait up bru it’s a boat I don’t blame her though she’s never seen a boat before

  7. Me watching this video right now* also me:i adore this I’ll give it a like! by accident gives dislike also me: . also me 5 minutes later: *slams head on table 10 times


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