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Disney Hedbanz is a new version of Spin Master’s popular Hedbanz game that asks the question “What am I?” Except in the Disney version, the question is “What Disney character am I?” The game comes with six headbands with Mickey Mouse ears on them. To start, each player puts on a headband and adjusts it to fit their heads. Each player then draws a card and without looking at it, places it in the headband, so all the other players can see it, but, of course, they cannot. Players also take three Mickey chips. Place the rest of the chips in a separate pile, which is called the “bank” in this game.

Each card has a noun and a character name on it, so kids can either play “What am I?” or “Who am I?” For example, the Rex (from Toy Story) card has a picture of Rex on it and the word “dinosaur.” Before you begin playing, decide which way you’re going to play.

When you’re ready to play, the first player flips over the 90-second timer and asks the other players yes or no questions to help determine what is on his card. The other players can only answer with “yes”, “no”, “could be”, or “I don’t know.” If the player guesses what’s on his card before time runs out, he takes another card and puts it on his headband. Continue asking questions until the timer runs out. For each card that was guessed correctly, the player puts one of his Mickey chips in the bank. When the time runs out, the turn passes to the next player. At any point during a player’s turn, he or she can give up trying to guess. However, there’s a cost involved, and the player must collect one Mickey chip from the bank and is dealt a new card for the next round. The player to get rid of all his Mickey chips first wins.

The game also comes with question cards that show sample questions to ask to help younger players figure out who is on their card.

Disney Hedbanz comes with 74 cards, 24 Mickey chips, six headbands, six pairs of Mickey ears, and a timer. The game is for two to six players.

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