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Pimp the card game! It’s time to slap up some ho’s!–featuring Greg Benson of Mediocre Films (

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Now you can be a part of Beer and Board Games anytime by making a contribution to our Paypal – donate@splu.net  Just choose your level and go to and make the pledge to donate@splu.net  
PLEDGE $25 OR MORE:  You will be added to the Drunken Thank-You list. At the end of an episode when we’re completely wasted we will attempt to read your name out loud off the list.
PLEDGE $35 OR MORE:  We make a special toast to you (or anyone you want us to toast) during the video.
PLEDGE $50 OR MORE:  You are sponsor of one round of beer and you get a special title screen with your name next to the beer, and a mention/joke about your name by the players. It’s like getting a building named after you, but much more interesting.
PLEDGE $100 OR MORE:  You get to choose one type of beer we drink during an episode (must be available in our area – Madison, WI). We will each have to drink 3 of that kind of beer.
PLEDGE $250 OR MORE:  You are the Sponsor Of An Episode! You get to choose the game that we play and all the beer that we drink. And we announce that you are the sponsor in the episode.

Nguồn: https://khosimphongthuy.net/

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  1. who the hell voices baby cookie though
    i thought aaron was just a fucking fantastic ventriloquist but in later episodes aaron laughs while cookie is talking that can't be it
    is it matt?????? help

  2. This is the only episode I haven't watched a hundred times by now. Probably because of Greg. He's funny but I'm not a fan of him.

  3. I love Beer and Board Games but this whole game is just demeaning and gross. 🙁 By far my least favourite episode.


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