Excel Header & Footer (& Quickly Copy to other Sheets)


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Quickly learn how to insert header and footer information to your Excel sheets. This is great if you’d like to optimize your print outs of your Excel sheets or PDF files.

In this Excel Basics tutorial we cover different topics such as:
1. How to insert a header & a footer in your documents. We take a look at two options. One option uses “Page Layout”.
2. How to insert pictures in the header – such as your logo and how to adjust it so it fits better on the printed page.
3. How to add page numbers to the footer of your Excel sheets. Also how to add existing page number from the number of printed pages
4. How to copy an existing header or footer to other tabs
5. How to remove headers and footers in your Excel files.

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  1. Hello Leila, Thank you again and again, as usual, your perfect and useful vids, especially on your choice of painful topics. I

  2. Dear Laila
    Thank you for the information

    But I want to repeat a data in a merged raw to group of cells in a column

    Is there a solution for this

    Please respond

    Thank you and best regards

  3. Thank you Leila. I always customize headers and footers for all the work papers I have to write. I have tried in the past to select all pertinent tabs but did not know about activating. Thanks!

  4. Great video! I have a question. I am using a file with headers . Header is a code like XL1234. Whenever I take print-out, code is changing to XL1235, XL1236, XL1237, etc. But there is only one sheet. What is the way for doing this?

  5. Good. But what if I want a standardised header footer for all tabs in a file (not all files) even for new sheets I insert. That is, when I insert new sheet, header footer settings should automatically come with it. Is it possible without templates being used?


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