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Mission N. 16

Mission Name: Shadow

● Go to find the dealer in South Bohan.
● Follow the dealer to his supplier on foot. Stay behind him and try not to be seen.
● You spooked the dealer. Keep following him to the supplier.
● The dealer is in the apartment block. Follow, but don’t attack him.
● Damage the lock to break open the door.
● Take down the dealer and his suppliers.

Reward: $250

Location: Broker Dukes, Liberty City

Given by: “Little” Jacob Hughes


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 & PC
Video recorded on: PC with all settings maxed out

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  1. wth is jacob is saying?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. – Hey boy dont nove dont move.
    – Hey Ah!
    – Me sah dont move who are you?
    – What the fuck are you kidding me?
    – Where ya come from? Who are you?
    – Hey man am here to dee Jacob its Niko
    -Badman, what gwa'an down there so?
    -Some boy down here , sir, beat up the door.
    Some boy dere sir call himself Niko say he wan see ya rude boy.
    -Niko? Ah me boy that. Badman Yo. free up the boy man yo
    -Your boy dat?

  3. On Mission Shadow the dealer didnt spook me and Roman didnt call and the door is not lock when im inside they say who the fuck is this guy lol

  4. hey my youth. some boy dem< dey pon de corner ting i gwaan an i say oh dem nah wan gimme my money an ting the ting goes on and on like a cycle never stops 0:56

  5. 1:00 I gwan and say ooh they don’t wanna give me my money

    Basically means Badman was buying the weed and then they took badmans money and they didn’t give Badman the weed

  6. Can someone from Jamaica confirm how close Badman's speaking is or not to Jamaican Patois?
    Edit: I found they speak something called Lyaric, but still not sure.

  7. 0:51 correction "Some boy romp wid badman" not "around badman". Even the developers don't understand what they're saying. 😂

  8. I like how each and every pedestrian and other random people behave in the game .. so complex behaviours is what makes GTA IV more more realistic than GTA SA .. I can't say about GTA V though .. you think that San Andreas is better by miles ? But there are so many interiors and complex road systems in this redesigned liberty city .. I just love GTA IV .. and I don't like GTA San Andreas …

  9. jacob is the realest nigga in the entire game
    he just sent you to kill some drug dealers and his final parting message is "ya want sum of dat spliff here?"

  10. "It's not gonna be cheap"
    Chases after dealer to an apartment to kill him and a band of other crooks
    Gets paid $250

  11. I see no comments about how Roman literally interrupted a situation by asking Niko for hanging out and play pool

  12. Growing up in the real life Schottler from this game (Flatbush NYC), I can confirm that people talk EXACTLY like how Badman talks lmaoooo


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