How to pause Unity game | Simple Unity 2D tutorial


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In this video I will show how you can add a pause function to your Unity game. We create a UI button and make a script which will be attached to this button. When you click or push this button your game stops until you push pause button again. Very simple solution. We use Time.timeScale=0 to stop game running and Time.timeScale=1 to run a game.

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  1. Script

    using System.Collections;

    using System.Collections.Generic;

    using UnityEngine;

    public class PauseScript : MonoBehaviour {

    bool isPaused = false;

    public void pauseGame()


    if (isPaused) {

    Time.timeScale = 1;

    isPaused = false;

    } else {

    Time.timeScale = 0;

    isPaused = true;




  2. What does time.timescale=0 actually affect? Is it literally everything in the game stops mid-move? Rigidbodies, UI elements, animation, etc?

  3. This doesn't really work as I thought: My enemy characters stop moving and their animations are paused but I can still hear the sounds of them firing every now and then; my gun still fires and the bullet shells eject (which I actually still want to happen when the game is paused) but the shells are instantly just floating still in midair; if I shoot at enemies they still play their impact animations even though the game is paused; etc. The game basically isn't really paused much at all it seems to me.
    Also what about stuff I don't want to pause that might automatically be paused using this method: How do I stop that stuff pausing automatically here?

  4. I'm making a Kinect game using Unity.
    I created a pause function while playing the game and stopped using Time.timeScale = 0 when the menu Canvas was opened using the button UI.
    However, after connecting the Kinect menu Canvas is up, but Time.timeScale = 0 function is gone.
    Why? Are timescale ignored while connecting? There is no way ???


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