Keep in mind, the 101 series is NOT a guide. They’re essentially a combo video with a funny twist, showing off some cool games and dank memes.

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The Wastelands – Mario Strikers Charged OST

Main Theme Battle! Lorekeeper Zinnia [Intense Symphonic Metal Cover]

Deck Profile: Undella Town – Pokémon Black and White Hip-Hop Remix

Shoutouts to Alpharad for creating this series and Kaminakat for implementing it to Yu-Gi-Oh. Go check out their channels:

I really loved doing this video, this deck is so fun to play and have some pretty explosive plays thanks to the return of Future Fusion. I just hope you had just as much fun as I did dueling and editing the video. As always, any feedback is appreciated 🙂

Also sometimes the music keeps cutting certain parts, idk if it’s my computer or my editing program, but I’ll take care of that in the future, hopefully.

#yugioh101 #howtoplay #chaosdragon


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  1. Just looked at the decklist, may be missing something, but how are you summoning Void Ogre? Your only Tuners are Light

  2. Chaos Dragons is what got me into Yu-Gi-Oh in the first place and ever since i've been using dragon decks, i've recently lost the drive to play dragons as i wasn't building decks that kept with the meta but never had the cards to build with the meta.. But I've found my drive to recreate my deck, and watching this video… Is a beautiful masterpiece. Thank you.

  3. Alright fam you've convinced me, lemme apply a sub and a like for a future 101er.

    Good to see some older formats brought back, even at limited.


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