Japanese Personality Test: The Strawberry Field


On a stroll through the countryside, you come across a field of delicious-looking strawberries.
Your stomach starts to rumble, and there’s no one else around.
Only a fence stands between you and a free lunch.
How high is that fence?

This is just one of the questions you will be asked to make on your views on some of your life’s crucial decisions.

The mind is a magical thing, and there’s still so much we don’t know about it. Sometimes, though, psychological tests can help us uncover a little more about ourselves.

It can be useful to take a Kokology Game they were made famous by the Cube test.

Also known as a Japanese Personality Test it will attempt to analyze your answers by interpreting your reactions to various questions on life events and personal choices asked to you by a stranger. This test will focus on how you would react if you got caught cheating or if you ever had a past affair. It just might unlock some hidden truths about your personality and reveal some past memories.

You will be amazed by the accuracy of the results!

This test will tell you by using symbolism, it takes the user on a path of self-discovery. Relying on a series of psychological and hypothetical questions,

This personality test will tell you everything about your personality and relationships as it unlocks your inner thoughts and teaches you everything you need to know about your inner self.

The Strawberry Field game asks you to visualize different elements to paint a picture in your mind. Your answers reveal your inner feelings about yourself, your life, your relationships, and more.
It has proven psychological principles that reveal your hidden aspects of your personality you may not have otherwise known.

How accurate were your results?
Whatever the answers you got from this test, we’ve all done things we can’t be proud of or justify.
The key to becoming a genuinely good person is accepting the bad parts of your personality and admitting that you’re not perfect,
By not in trying to act like a saint while the devil on your shoulder whispers in your ear.

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