Lawrence And Maddow On Donald Trump's Probe Of Pardon Powers | The Last Word | MSNBC


The Washington Post reports President Donald Trump is asking about his ability to pardon aides, family members, and himself, and that his lawyers are looking for ways to limit Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. Post reporter Rosalind Helderman joins Lawrence O’Donnell.
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Lawrence And Maddow On Donald Trump’s Probe Of Pardon Powers | The Last Word | MSNBC


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  1. why don't you leave this president alone. He has been picked to death by so many. I think you should let him do his job. Where were you when Obama was in ofdice.

  2. All this media fodder going on without one shred of evidence against the Prez or his staff. This is the biggest witch hunt in the history of the earth!

  3. RENAMED "MSLSD FAKE NEWS". From spit, to we control your thoughts, to wanna-be's, gag me with the looks, BOZO's ON THAT BUS, BIG TIME CLOWN CIRCUS!

  4. Talking of pardoning himself is a tacit admission that he is guilty, and talk of pardoning members of his family is an acceptance of his corrupt family's criminality.

  5. This guy is just getting his kicks out of playing Americans for fools. He has never been serious about the presidency , he is like a teenager that is trying to drive his parents crazy for some silly reason related to his immaturity. This is funny America has a71 year old teenager who thinks all Americans must pay for the banks that did not allowed him to keep on defrauding them .Just look at that !!

  6. I don't know about you guys, but the way Trump's been handling this all seems like the actions of an innocent man who's the subject of nothing but a political witch hunt. [END OF SARCASM]

  7. If the president can pardon himself then he is above the law. Furthermore, the efforts the framers of the Constitution went to in order to prevent tyranny would be ALL for nought. The reason it had never been asked before is simply because there should never be an occassion to do so.

  8. James Comey and DIR Mueller are true patriots….I think we should "FIRE" Trump and appoint Rob Mueller as POTUS…
    I'm dead serious

  9. Lol, Don thinks the pardon authority works like the flu shot: "I'll just go ahead and pardon myself NOW and it'll immunize me to ALL future crimes. Bigly."

  10. Oh you naughty Americans!..Hasn't he "Made America great again?" Hasn't he "Drained the swamp!"..Hasn't he brought back hundreds of thousands of jobs?..Hasn't he cleaned up Congress?..Hasn't he destroyed Obamacare?..Hasn't he put Putin in his place?..Hasn't he built the wall?..What more do you want?..Naughty Americans!!

  11. A man who can pardon himself has no limits. He can do anything he wants without consequences. Say "hello" to fascism

  12. Tr*mp wants to PARDON HIMSELF!!!!!!!??????? INCREDIBLE! Folks, its time to light the Torches and grab the Pitchforks…

  13. AND .. POTUS tweet 7/22 states only crime "SO FAR".  This = HIS CRIMES NOT YET MADE PUBLIC.  Anyway, likely can't pardon until convicted, so lots more insanity to come. (Damage to our country.)  Once impeached, he cannot pardon & FBI can nail him for federal financial crimes.  Blame everyone except himself.  Tells Senate they are breaking their promise to people. NO, HE HAS BROKEN ALL OF HIS PROMISES TO U.S. PEOPLE.

  14. You Americans still clear of mind should be taking to the streets to end this fascist take-over of your democracy!! How can this corrupt man and is creep-parade continue to derail your country? I am a Canadian (thank god), and still I'm in fear for your country and the world. End the insanity!!
    It's looking more and more that trump wasn't fairly elected, but rather was INSTALLED by Russia. No fake news…just a FAKE PRESIDENT!!

  15. Funny that mow the issue us Muller's conflucts of interest, but trump's conflicts lies and crimes are not an issue?

  16. I hope someone offered Purell to those poor souls who had to shake the Fake President's hand. Only he knows where it had been …
    And: How can someone pardon himself?

  17. Pardon me! That will be the first time the Blotus will ever say those words. The bloviator in chief has no bounds when it comes to steamrolling norms and mores.

  18. He says his son Don Jr is open and transparent well follow suit and be open and transparent yourself! Mind you I wouldn't be particularly happy to show the whole world my own finances lol

  19. Why does a modern democracy allow such nonsense as a leader having some regal ability as that of granting pardons at a whim? It should OUTRAGE every American.

  20. An innocent man does not look into pardoning himself and threatens a special prosecutor if they look at the personal finances Trump has tried so hard to hide for years. It means there is something there Trump doesn't want seen. NOT a good sign for Trump finishing his term.

  21. We were perfectly secure when Pres Obama was at the helm, the thing that people did not like about Pres Obama was that he is a black man. Other than that they would have accepted him, no one was worried that their loved ones were given a death sentence because their medicaid is taken away. Pres Obama was not afraid of Putin, Putin hated him because Barack was not letting him get away with his crap. Everyone who cares about what happens to this country and what happens to the people of this country are worried. Some don't want to admit they made a mistake and some are glad they did not vote for him, but all of us are affected and if we lose health care will be infected with every free wheeling disease out there. Let's pray something will be done to get us through this, and being Americans we all know "Nothing Is Impossible"!

  22. Impeach him before he can pardon anyone. If they weren't guilty, there's no need to even consider a pardon. Obviously Mueller is getting very close to the proof of criminal actions. My guess is money laundering for Russia.

  23. I hope he does pardon his aides, his family, and himself.   That is admitting they all have committed crimes against the country and is most likely the shortest route to impeachment of our FAKE president.


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