Lonzo Ball notches his third triple-double of the season vs. the Clippers | 2019-20 NBA Highlights


Lonzo Ball scores 18 points, dishes out 11 assists and grabs 10 rebounds to notch his third triple-double of the season, but it isn’t enough for the New Orleans Pelicans to top the LA Clippers.
#LonzoBall #Pelicans

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  1. 0:40 hey Pat remember when you bullied Lonzo? Well you too little now (hint watch his left hand do the “too little” after he makes the shot)

  2. BEIJING NATIONAL STADIUM news: this is EASTER SUNDAY, afternoon, let go and tell DAVE SIMMONS, born on April 13th 1963, happy birthday tomorrow, because he raise six children in the same household and also his wife name JULIE SIMMONS. and yes did DAVE SIMMONS, knew he had a superstar in his family like his son BEN SIMMONS, is the most greatest pro basketball player of color. and yes LONZO BALL, born on October 27th 1997, BEN SIMMONS, is one of the most beautiful/pretty young man of color. and yes children and adults from around the globe, Jesus is the son of God is talking about this young man that came from the east that still play college basketball part time instead of full time on theses different coliseum floors like ISAIAH MAURICE, of Durham, North Carolina, and born on April 1st 1996. and yes MAURICE, is the same carbon copy of this late oscar winning actress RITA HAYWORTH, but she wasn't a basketball star children and adults, but she was a winner in motion pictures. hello JOSH HART, and BRANDON INGRAM, filmmakers.

  3. If he puts in work during the off-season he could be in for a break out year, I’m not convinced his jumper is fixed completely yet, but now he’s going to have plenty of time to continue to progress, he could be an All Star and NO could be a sneaky 8 seed if Zion, Lonzo and BI can stay healthy

  4. I'm a Lakers fan and Lonzo fan. I always believed he would do well. The Pelicans trade was needed for both him and Ingram to develop. Watching Pelicans is like watching what the Lakers could have been if they had time and the right coach to develop. I can't blame the Lakers for picking up LeBron for a win now mentality.
    I hope Zo and Zion can become this era's Stockton and Malone with the difference of winning a couple of titles.
    You could see the injuries and inconsistent playing time played on Lonzo especially his confidence. All Lonzo needed to do was rework his shot so it'd be relevant and consistent and regain back his confidence.
    I hope he stays healthy and builds a long partnership with Zion.

  5. The pelicans is a way better team than the lakers for London to play on I think, probably needed to be in a smaller market

  6. If he was more aggressive scoring wise he would be nasty, he’s got the passing/court vision, he’s a tall PG and already a good defender. Dude could be an all star

  7. no cap the pelicans are becoming the clout team, meaning any player who got clout they will pick up lol wouldn't be surprised to see gelo or melo

  8. Honestly..His career and reputation at Lakers was destroyed by his father's aggressive approach to the media, hope his work ethics and new found confidence gives NBA fans something to cheer for the next decade.

  9. People just don’t know how to be patient with their players and work on their development this pelicans team is all about being patient

  10. Lonzo is NOT a bust, he is just something we didnt know that he was. A true PG, stay with me here. Chino Hills he was Mr everything for them. UCLA was his shiwcase of why he is worthy of being a Top 2 pick, but flashed his abilities as a facilitator. LAL he was tasked to be a savior if sorts, 1) he's a rookie, that had a bullseye on his back, thanks to his POPS, 2) They fast tracked him to be the "Guy" and he wasnt up to task because they wanted him to be a killer, no he has outstanding court vision and has shown that trait since HS, that translates to a floor General, so the Lakers didnt want that, brought in LJ, done in LA. NOLA is his chance to show he is not a Game Killer, but an absolute monster at getting everybody else involved, knows who the hot hand is at all times, very good defender and is comfortable with his offensive game to know when to attack and score or dish dimes, lock down his opposition. Thats a true PG, hes a pass first player, that controls the pace of his offense, but can go for 20+ if his team needs him to.


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