MegaMan – Every Hardest & Annoying Stages from Each Game


MegaMan – Every Hardest & Annoying Stages from each Game

Hello every megaman fan your friend croby’s here, and today is my mega birthday and for that special day i will show you guys my hardest & annoying stages from every megaman game and you need to remember that this list is 100% opinionated, so hope you guys enjoy an lets go

This video talks about every stages that are hard to progress from every megaman game including 4 fangames.
Also as it’s my birthday today this is video is considered as a special one






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  1. Mega Man X Hardest and Annoying stages
    Spark Mandrill
    Magna Centipede
    Volt Catfish
    Cyber Peacock
    Squid Adler (Volt Kraken)
    Blaze Heatnix
    Ride Boarski
    Burn Rooster

  2. Mega man hardest stages for me
    Mm1: fire man stage
    Mm2: quick man stage
    Mm3: Gemini man stage
    Mm4: drill man stage
    Mm5: charge man stage
    Mm6: mr.x stage robot master: centaur
    Mmv: venus stage
    Mm7: turbo man stage
    Mm8: tengu man stage
    Mm&b: burner man stage
    Mm9: plug man stage
    Mm10: commando man stage
    Mm11: torch man stage


  3. I am not in a great mood because of korona ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
    I miss my normal life 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. MM1 Ice man
    MM2 Heat man
    MM3 Doc Needle man
    MM4 Toad man (specialy second mid boss!)
    MM5 Crystal man
    MM7 Turbo man
    MM8 Willy 1 (fuck this snowboarding section!)
    MM&B King 2
    MM9 Jewel man
    MM10 Commando man

  5. My list 1:ice man 2:air man 3:hard man 4:dust man 5:napalm man 6:flame man 7:slash man 8:search man 9:concrete man 10: FREAKIN COMMANDO MAN 11:block man 5gb:Venus &bass:still haven’t played

  6. I hate commando man’s stage with a passion because it has the most annoying enemy in the entire series THOSE GODDAMN PARACHUTE BOMBS 😡😡😡 I just wanna steamroll those things into nothing but dust!

  7. I think Quick man’s stage is well designed and the so much enemies in wood man’s stage are way more annoying (Unless you use the Metal Blade)
    I think Burner man’s is annoying and the toys stuff’s falling enemies and that turning spiked cube thing in Magic man’s stage are way more annoying (Unless you have bass to play this stage)

  8. For my list of every hardest & annoying stages:

    Mm1: elec man’s stage
    Mm2: wood man’s stage (yes even more harder then Quick man’s stage)
    Mm3: gemini man’s stage (as well as doc robot but other stages are much easier for me)
    Mm4: drill man’s stage (but other stages are much easier for me)
    Mm5: wave man’s stage (but other stages are much easier for me again)
    Mm6: yamato man’s stage (but some of the stages are much easier for me but mr x’s stage comes second)
    MmV: venus’s stage (but other stages are much easier for me)
    Mm7: turbo man’s stage (same thing for mm3,4,5,and mmv other stages are much easier for me)
    Mm8: aqua man’s stage (but some of the stages are much easier for me again)
    Mm&B: magic man’s stage (yes even more harder then burner man’s stage)
    Mm9: plug man’s stage
    Mm10: commando man’s stage (same thing for mm3,4,5,mmv and 7 other stages are much easier for me as well)
    Mm11: bounce man’s stage

    I am so bad at those stages ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  9. I don't agree with you. I have others top 10 stage.

    My hardest stage in mega man 1 is ice man stage
    In mega man 2 heat man stage, quick man stage is second hardest.
    I am agree with you in mega man 3.

    In mega man 4 bright man stage is the hardest.
    Mega man 5 gyro man stage is the hardest.

    Mega man 6 the hardest stage ever Dr Wily castle stage 1. Robot masters stage plant man.

    I am agree with you in mega man 7 turbo man is the hardest.

    In mega man 8 is sword man stage is the hardest, because there are a lot of magma and fire if you touch it you die (instant kill).
    In mega man 9 tornado man stage is the hardest because there are holes in 80% af stages, and it is especially hard when you jumps on roating magnets.
    In mega man 10 strike man stage is a little harder then commando man stage.

  10. 11:41 Drake man Stage is not soo hard if you learn all Steps from this stage but i Suffer a lot in Reactor man you only Pass Reactor man Battle for skill

  11. In my opinion, here are the hardest stage in each game (I'll only talk about robot master stages so no Wily stages will be included):
    MM1: Ice Man (Footholders…)
    MM2: Quick Man
    MM3: Gemini Man
    MM4: Ring Man (4 mid-bosses + lots of instant deaths + sheer length + long way before first checkpoint, what else do you need)
    MM5: Napalm Man (mostly the enemies this time, this stage definitely has the greatest enemy diversity and most of them are annoying. I remembered I couldn't even make past the first screen because of those tigers on my first time playing this game)
    MM6: Plant Man (the springs at the end are quite difficult)
    MM7: Turbo Man
    MM8: Astro Man
    MM9: Tornado Man (those magnetic platforms are annoying; the wind/rain sections near the end are difficult too, with umbrellas falling from the sky and tiny platforms)
    MM10: Strike Man (again, it's the enemies that make this stage hard. This stage is easily the most enemy filled stage and it has 2 incredibly annoying mid-bosses too)
    MM11: Acid Man (the spike abuse is quite brutal in the underwater segments)
    MM Unlimited: Trinitro Man
    MM Rock Force: Thrill Man
    MM SFR: Zap Man

  12. MM:guts man
    MM2:quick man (this level is legendary)
    MM3:spark man second phase
    MM4:ring man
    MM5:crystal man
    MM6:mr x 1
    MM7:burst man
    MM8:frost man
    MM9:jewel man
    MM10:wily 3
    MM11:torch man

  13. In my opinion? The hardest stage in Rock Force was the one where you went in the top down world thingy. The section that requires you to use respawning to proceed is total bullcrap because it was probably unintentional in the original games.


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