Optic Gaming vs Faze Red – Game 1 – WBF – North American Championships


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The North America Championship is your opportunity to watch 32 of the best North American (24 US, 6 Canada, 2 Mexico) Call of Duty teams  go head to head with the top 14 teams qualifying for the World Final. Watch the action unfold LIVE via MLG.tv on the web or on the MLG.tv app available for iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Join in all the action this weekend by using #CoDChamps & #NAFinals on Twitter @MLG and by liking us on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. people didnt like nade on og cause he was 'good' but because the goofy ass shit him and scump do. good times these days were

  2. did aches have to say I have 2 more rings  than nadeshot really was that nescenary to say and optic much better lets go optic

  3. I actually came here to be devastated and left in awe by how good everyone say these guys are buut they seem pretty good but also human, I like them

  4. I sadly play better than some of these guys because I was just looking and I was slapping my forehead for how stupid some of them died but I won't say I'm the best tho, even I have had my fair share of reallllyyy getting rent

  5. Guys loom at how OpTic was playing this round OpTic let them win I Love OpTic and this shows that this team shows good attitude and team work


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