Pathologic Classic HD Review


The Pathologic Classic HD review covers the remaster (not the remake, Pathologic 2) of the 2005 Russian cult classic. It’s less of a traditional video game, and more of a big ole’ art.
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00:00 – Intro
00:30 – The Original Pathologic Updated
1:02 – Game Premise
2:00 – The Bachelor’s Mission
4:30 – Visuals
7:07 – Music & Sound Design
8:41 – Gameplay Mechanics
12:52 – The Walking
14:09 – Story is Critical
15:27 – Back to the Bachelor
18:27 – The Haruspex
22:14 – Story (SPOILERS)
29:44 – The Changeling (SPOILERS)
31:57 – Conclusions
33:20 – Credits
34:28 – Leaving the Performance


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  1. THE LIST –

    Pathologic on GOG –

    I also made a video on 2/the remake. If this game looks interesting and you wish it had better mechanics it might be for you.

  2. When a story ends with "the whole story is a just a dream… (or just a game in this case), it's not being philosophical… For me, it's just the dev (mainly the story writer) being lazy…


    I knew from the moment the video started and the child were burying the doll that you were the doll. Anyone else?

  4. I really need to get into this one. I always imagined that this is what it would feel like to explore Lovecraft's Arkham town in a game.

  5. Why there is mongolian steppe building style in this russian game is because a lot of russia is or was inhabited by steppe peoples. Russia is an extremely diverse country with tens of dozens of different cultures and a lot of assimilation of these cultures in parts of russia. This makes the game so extremely foreign to us westerners even if we are from europe.

  6. I am so happy I watched this before wasting another second in this weird game. Thank you good sir.
    btw, subscribed. I really like your perpective and how you describe the game.

  7. the odd big structures are probably meant to be reminiscent of soviet era cinderblock buildings, it's similar in a lot of places across the Soviet Union where things are mixed weird. Around my Apa's apartment (in Kazakhstan), you can see a variety of building structures, from traditional Kazakh, to soviet cinderblock, to even German (Stalin(?) I think got paranoid and sent them all to Kazakhstan) although the giant fucking tower is not a typical sight. also should mention that soviet era buildings do also tend to be really brown and grey. honestly the one thing unusual here is that they replaced the massive orthodox churches with the weird towers and stuff

  8. Oh my god. I watched Sseth's video and the whole time I was thinking to myself "Its weird to focus on the fact that hes single" but you just blew my mind when you said "bachelor of medicine". This whole time I just thought he was bad with the ladies, not studying medicine.


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