Road Rash (PS1)


This video was captured using the actual game on an actual Sony Playstation. Loading times and menus have been removed for your consideration and enjoyment.

I came home from school one day and heard my brother playing something extremely loud. I walked into his room and my jaw dropped. I asked “What is this?” My brother replied, “Road Rash.” I looked down and noticed a 3DO console on the floor that my brother had checked out from his work. I played the crap out of it and was totally entranced by it’s beauty. Unfortunately the 3DO had to go back and I would never get to play it again since 3DO consoles were stupidly expensive.

The Genesis version was fun for sure, but the 3DO version was on a whole different level all together. It was fast and the visuals were simply unmatched. Since there was already a Road Rash on Genesis, this one is referred to as Road Rash 32-bit. After the 3DO died, I found out this game was being ported to the Playstation. I bought this game on day one. The Playstation version took a slight graphical hit just like Need For Speed did for some reason, but it is very slight and you wouldn’t be able to tell unless you compared the PS1 and 3DO versions side by side. The upside is the Playstation version runs smoother and faster.

Road Rash is so much fun it’s a sin. There is not much I can say after watching this video. It speaks for itself. This is a racing game that your eyes start burning from forgetting to blink. Because if you blink, you could miss that car coming right at you or get kicked off the road by an opponent. When you do, you can’t be upset because you’re too busy laughing watching your guy get flung off his motorcycle at breakneck speeds. For anyone who might be wondering I was playing this game on level 3. I didn’t want to do level one because I wanted to see some serious action. Toward the end of this video you’ll see a montage of some hilarious wipe outs and some serious beatings that was taken from other races I captured but did not win.

There were two more installments of Road Rash on the Playstation after this one. Road Rash 3D replaced all the sprite based cars, motorcycles, and characters with polygon graphics. Road Rash: Jail Break followed suit. IMO neither of those games captured the magic of the first one. Neither of them had the tight play control this one has. Road Rash 64 on the N64 was not very good as it was too much of a combat game over a racing and was lacking significantly in the visual department. Road Rash 32-bit was also ported to the Sega Saturn which seemed to follow closer to the PC version instead of the original 3DO version sound wise. I didn’t like the Saturn version because they changed the music and took the funny sound effects away. Some may say the Saturn version looks and sounds better and more “realistic”.

If you love racing games and don’t have this game, you are missing out.


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