The Big British Bird Brain Quiz


Is lockdown driving you insane? Do you need something to do with the family? Can you spot the difference between a Robin and a Kestrel? If so, why not partake in a little fun with my family quiz – ‘The BIG British Bird Brain Quiz’.

I’ve created 5 categories of question all to do with our lovely neighbourly birds. You don’t have to be Bill Oddie to play, some general knowledge for a lot of fun. Get the tea on, bring out the Jammy Dodgers and get stuck in.

Once you’ve finished, put your scores in the comments section and let us know how you got on. And remember, NO cheating! 🙂


All stills are listed under “Labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification” from Google.

All music is recreated by un-named artists.

Background Music:
Hear We Go

Film Clips:
Black Swan

The Crow

Fly Away Home

Happy Feet



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  1. 42 points from the Halls!!! We counted the time in which we guessed each answer in the first category… is that right???? What was the total score???
    The Link Category was really hard!!!!

  2. Hi Simon….Sorry…it has taken me a while to figure out how to comment, so you can understand that with that level of intellect l did badly on the Links round. Anyway, I think overall I got 16 points, and thoroughly enjoyed it 👍


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