Top 5 Tips To Be a Master Thief


Stephane Roy of Eidos Montreal shares his top 5 tips to get the most out of your Thief experience.

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  1. If I didn’t already know this was for Thief, I would’ve mistaken these bland generic tips for literally ANY game! Check everywhere, read everything and stay in the shadows? These are the BEST the developers could tell me?

  2. Truth be told I'd hope we'd get a back story and important info as we play as a "master thief". Information is by far one of the most if not the most important things when being a "master thief"

  3. The only thing I don't like about this is the fighting system you can't block & the dodging dosent work most of the time but the A.I can block I don't think that's fair & finishing off ur enemy takes to long but other than that great game

  4. Ok, I enjoyed this game a lot more the 2nd time around, but there are some things that make it feel somewhat stunted. First, the city should have been much less linear, I like the fact that you actually have to know it and know it's corners to get around, but some ACTUAL rooftop action would definitely favor the game. More explorability, so to speak, because sometimes the places you can't climb get plain stupid. And this one is just a side note that I think would improve the game, it should have, if not day/night cycles, at least some light sometimes. The time of day during the intro looks really cool. Also, since Im on the topic, the city could definitely go without the loadscreens, it'd make it feel more authentic. More interconnected. Also, AI goes from dumb/deaf/blind to I-just-heard-a-mouse-farting-better-check-it-out in one setting. And the main quest could be longer with more developed heist missions, instead of being all dedicated to the supernatural. It feels super-condensed and without variation. I like the ghost stuff, definitely feels like the original thief(s), but it could've benefited from being spread a little thinner, for the sake of the main storyline not being so short and feeling more like actual thieving instead of tomb raiding…

  5. No offesne to the devs here but where exactly are these tips I came here for ? telling me to hide in the dark is like saying you need to breathe air to live.

  6. This not Thief. It is Thief 4.
    Thief is the original.
    Thief 2 is the best.
    Thief 3 is worst but still good.
    Thief 4 is another Thief game like Thief 3.

    Dishonoured is the spiritual sequel to Thief and is though to be better but both games allow action to a valid option. I went into this game with Mark of the Ninja and Monaco being my definition of stealth and it fits it if you want it to.

  7. This games awesome. I love stealth games ie metal gear solid, assassin's creed, thief.. I also love shooters too though I'm a level32 destiny player

  8. AMD Silver reward = First choice -> Thief…i was like a small child when i first played the first and second one, then i grew and played Thief 3…than wanted to play some more…but i had to w8 for years and when it came out could not play it, so a week ago, when i had money i bought a new graphic card…and was amazed to find out that i will get it for free xD 
    You need to be at least 20-21 to understand the evolution of the game, it might be slightly different from the first 3 but it is amazing, and if you play it on "hardcore" per say, you will get the best feeling out of it…steal the spoon for 2g :))

  9. I head that people who downloaded it for Xbox from TPB said its bad (in the comments i mean) too short game, too "modern" (not like the originals), very buggy and not enough to explore for a game that costs like 49-60 euros.

  10. Looks like dishonored without and dark vision and less killing. Hopefully it is as good as dishonored because I loved that game

  11. I tried all these steps, and I still got arrested.
    it's almost as if these tips are for a video game or something…

  12. i played like 2 missions and i must say, im not really confortable with the 1st person camera, yea when stealing and light off the candels looks nice, but when actually exploring i dont like it, it would be more good if it was a 3rd person. my opinion


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