Video Game Themes Played by Band Kids-Part 1


Sheet music available here-

Here are some of our favorite video game tunes-we went for the classics this time! And arranged up nice for ya!
As always, keep those awesome comments coming! And thanks for the 12 million channel views!
Felix Lyons – 9th Grade-Clarinet IG: Lyon_Bros
Adam Makaren- 9th Grade-Trumpet IG: Adam_Makarem
Noah Semsen- 10th Grade-Trombone
Mark-o Delatorre-10th Grade -Glock, Melodica & Kit YT: Freakleak_88
Luis Gomez- 11th Grade- Drum Kit & Percussion IG: Luis.Gomezzz
Nathaniel Semsen-12th Grade- Bari Sax YT: SoundsofSemsen


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  1. When I Halloween you well I still do you have a review but I don’t play that much are used to always make a new Migos in there would be the exact same music in the background this is just amazing it brings back so many memories because I used to make a new Migos because I didn’t have any other games to play except super Mario 3-D world which is a pretty good game by the way


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