WBBM Channel 2 – Channel 2 Weekend News (Part 4, 1978)


Here’s the fourth and final part of a complete edition of the Channel 2 Weekend News on WBBM Channel 2, anchored by Bob Wallace (substituting for Harry Porterfield). Also featuring Bruce Roberts. Includes:

Bob introduces a report by John Campbell of WBAY Channel 2 in Green Bay, WI, about a Green Bay man named Mark Ernst who has made cross-country skiing a year-round endeavor by the use of roller skis. Film of Ernst roller skiing on the road is shown, with some comments by him about his invention.

Bob then introduces Bruce Roberts, who reports on the following sports of the day:

– Chicago baseball scores, with the Sox beating the Twins at Minnesota 8-5 in the first game of a doubleheader, but losing 6-5 in the nightcap as of the 7th inning (Minnesota won the second game, 9-5), and the Philadelphia Phillies defeating the Cubs at Wrigley Field 6-5; highlights of that game (courtesy WGN Channel 9 – of course) are shown

– Other National League baseball scores (including the Pirates/Mets game at Shea Stadium in New York rained out)

– Highlights of the Chisox/Twins matches (courtesy WSNS Channel 44); Bruce mentions the first game was also Larry Doby’s first as Sox manager

– More baseball scores, from the American League (including the New York Yankees sweeping a doubleheader in Detroit against the Tigers, and the Red Sox/Orioles matchup in Baltimore rained out)

– Highlights of the previous day’s matches at Wimbledon (courtesy NBC Sports), including Ilie Nastase defeating Tom Gullikson 6-4, 6-3, 1-6 and 6-3 to advance to the fourth round along with Jimmy Connors and Bjorn Borg

– In auto racing, Mario Andretti wins French Grand Prix

– In boxing, Eusebio Pedroza wins 12th round TKO against Ernesto Herrera for WBA Featherweight Championship (footage courtesy NBC Sports)

– In golf, final round play in Western Open at Butler National rained out; footage of a groundskeeper fishing behind the 11th hole, and Chi Chi Rodriguez conducting a clinic on how to hit a soft shot over a trap; Bruce notes CBS will begin coverage at 3:30pm the next day

Bob says good night and advising he and Bruce will return at 10pm; he identifies himself as “for Harry Porterfield,” after all this time. 😉

Commercial: Low Calorie Sugar Twin – Only 1 1/2 calories per teaspoon – “So Much Like Sugar, It Could Fool You”

Commercial: True Value Hardware Stores – sale on Tru-Test 50-foot sprinkler/soaker, Nelson Dial-a-Rain sprinkler which covers up to 3,000 square feet, and Tru-Test 60-foot reinforced rubber vinyl hose (voiceover by Pat Summerall)

Long shot of newsroom, with Bob speaking with Irene Rodriguez – notice at the right of the screen the Thomson-CSF TTV-1518 camera with Q-TV VPS-100 videoprompter system – with super text: “Portions of this broadcast were recorded”

Commercial: Saint Paul Federal Savings & Loan – with 16 branches, open six days including Saturday (tape cuts out before commercial ends)

This aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, July 2nd 1978 during the 6pm to 6:30pm timeframe.

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